Learn to Speak Moroccan

Learn to speak Moroccan by first learning the basics. Learn to say words that you will use frequently or can use frequently. The more frequently you use a word the more likely you will be to remember it. Such words could include common words such as words for “saying hi, saying bye” and other common words such as words for “family, friends, saying yes, saying no, water, bread, tomorrow, yesterday, today etc etc.” Everyday words that you’ll use often are excellent words to learn. Once you’ve learned them and know how to correctly pronounce them then you can practice them with native speakers or use them in emails. Don’t worry about mixing English words with Moroccan words at first. In fact, this should motivate you even further to learn more Moroccan so that your sentences will contain more Moroccan words than English words.

Memorizing is only one aspect of learning a language. Correct pronunciation and learning how to speak impromptu are also good skills to master. You should be able to take words learned at different points in time and piece them together to construct a meaningful sentence. Immersing yourself in as many things Moroccan as possible is a sure way to learn even more vocabulary. But learning to speak Moroccan can only be accomplished if one actively practices speaking Moroccan. So try to make it a habit of speaking Moroccan and saying what you’ve learned out loud. The more you practice, the faster you’ll learn.