Learn to Have a Conversation in Moroccan Arabic

Learning the basic words in Moroccan serve as the basis from which to construct more complex sentences. For example, by putting simple words together you can construct a simple sentence. Make sure to memorize as many words, grammar and vocabulary as you can from Moroccan Arabic language lessons or from wherever you can (tutor,classroom etc.)

In the following example we have a basic phrase (wash momkin – is it possible) and a verb (takhod – to take). From this we can construct a simple sentence simply by joining both together as was done below.

Is it possible – wash momkin?

to take – takhod

example: is it possible to take a bus? – wash momkin nakhod tobis?

Although no word other word is given, in the above example, if we were speaking to someone we could use gestures towards an object to ask if it were possible to take that particular object. This is a part of language learning. Use the vocabulary that you already know to construct more elaborate sentences and be able to have conversations in Moroccan Arabic. Native speakers will often be happy to teach you the word you might not know and offer language tips. You can learn more Moroccan Arabic language lessons from audio and text. Just try to listen as much as you can. In this way you’ll learn more words and improve your conversation skills.

Additional conversational Moroccan Arabic words that you might want to learn include:

my name is …. – smeti ….

I am from America – ana men mirikan

I do not understand – mafhamtch