Learn Spoken Moroccan Arabic

If you want to learn to speak Moroccan Arabic then you have to get access to resources that have Moroccan Arabic words and vocabulary. You can find such resources online, in a bookstore, through a friend who speaks the language or through research. Once you have the material from which to study then you can begin concentrating on learning Moroccan words, phrases and vocabulary. Memorize the words and pay special attention to their pronunciation (hopefully you will also have found Moroccan audio lessons also).

Listening closely to the speaker’s pronunciation of the spoken word is important. There are usually nuances in pronunciation and these are easy to miss if we are not paying close attention. Although many words in Arabic seem to begin with the letter “a” they in fact actually do not. The “a” is actually “ayn” and if you listen closely to a native speaker pronounce words such as “Arabia, Arabi etc” you will hear the “ayn” in their voice as the word is being pronounced. This was just an example of why a student of Moroccan Arabic¬†should not just be a casual listener but he or she should pay close attention to words he or she hears in audio lessons. Furthermore, special attention should also be paid to Moroccan words that begin with the letters “gh, kh, H” and “ayn” as mentioned.

Learning spoken Moroccan Arabic is both challenging and rewarding. Through study you should be able to increase your vocabulary so that you will be able to better communicate with people with whom were not previously able to.