How to Say Please in Moroccan Arabic

In Morocco, the word “aafaak” [عافاك ] is used and it means “please.” If someone said “aayyeT liyya mn baad aafaak” [ عيط ليا من بعد عافاك ] this would mean “call me later, please.” If the person wants to say “please close the door behind you” in Moroccan Arabic this could be translated as “aafaak sdd lbaab mn wraak” [ عافاك سد الباب من وراك ].

The expression “Please come here “ could be translated as “aafaak aji hna” [ عافاك اجي هنا ].
The sentence “aafaak fin kayn had laonwan” [ عافاك فين كاين هادالعنوان؟ ] means “please where is this address.”

The word “aafaak” [عافاك ] is the singular word for “please” however when speaking to more than one person the plural form “aafakom” [ عافاكم ] is used.

The expression “aafakom tsnnaw shwiyya” [ عافاكم تسناو شوية ] means “please, wait a little” when speaking to more than one person and note that the word “shwiyya” [ شوية ] means “a little.”

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