How to say “I love you” in Moroccan Arabic

In Moroccan Arabic (Darija) there are various expressions related to “love.” The words “bgha” [ بغا ] and the word “Habb” [ حب ] can be used and they mean “to love” but note that the word ““bgha” [ بغا ] can also mean “to want.”

In Moroccan Arabic to say “I love “ the phrase “knbghi” [ كنبغي ] can be used. When saying “ I love you” the person may say “knbghiik” [ كنبغيك ].

The expression “I dream about you” or similarly “ I am dreaming about you“ could be translated as “knHlm biik” [ كنحلم بيك ] in Moroccan Arabic. Furthermore, if saying “I am thinking about you” then the person might say “knfakkr fiik” [ كنفكر فيك ].

In Moroccan Darija the word “cheri” is also used and it means “my love.” The word “cheri” was borrowed from the French language. Likewise, in Moroccan Darija the person could say “mon amour” which is a phrase borrowed from French and it also means “my love.”

A word of affection that is also used in Moroccan Arabic is the word “Habibi” [ حَبيبي ] which could be translated as “honey” or “my love” or “darling.”

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