English to Moroccan Arabic Translation

If there are problems seeing the Arabic script below, then view it here .

In Morocco, Arabic is spoken and “Arabic” is “alârabiyya” [اَلعَرَبِيَّة ] in Moroccan Arabic. A dialect called “Darija” is also spoken and the dialect is referred to as “addaarija” [ اَلدّارِجَةْ ].

If someone wants to translate “from English to Darija” this expression can be translated as “mn nngliziyya l ddarija” [من النڭليزية لدارجة ].

The word ”tea” translates as “atay” [اتاي ] and to say ”I am with you” the person could say “ana mâak” [انا معاك ]. If the person wanted to say “I am late” they could say “ana mâaTl” [انا معطل ].

When referring to the local dialect, someone could ask “do you speak Darija?” which translates as
“wash ketkllem ddarija?” [واش كتكلم الدارجة؟ ].

Other English to Moroccan Arabic include the sentence “I eat fish” which is “knnaakl lHoot” [ كناكل الحوت ] and the phrase “ a fast car” which can be translated as “tomobila bayDa” [طوموبيلة بيضة ].

In Darija the word for “beautiful “ is “zwin” [زوين ] when speaking about the masculine. To say “beautiful” for the feminine the speaker would use “zwina” [ زوينة ]. For example, to say “a beautiful flower “ this would be “warda zwina” [وردة زوينة ].

In Morocco, to say “ woman” one can use the word “mra” [ مرا ] and to say “ a tall woman” this could be translated as “mra Twila” [مرا طويلة ].